A word for you….

A word for you….

Even If…You are there.

Even if everyone goes from your life,

I wanna be there for you.

Even if there is no one to think about you,

Remember someone is always there ready for u.

Even if no one misses you,

Someone is there who wishes God that you are safe.

Even if you stop talking to everyone,

Always remember that there is someone who wants you back.

Why don’t you understand ?

The way you show your fake smiles,

show’s how much broken you are.

Whatever you do,

Remember that I will always miss you

The way you are going it’s dark,

Take me Along with you.

So that I can bring some light and

Smile in it 😊

Maybe I don’t cry,

But it hurts Maybe I won’t say,

But it feels Maybe I don’t show,

But I care !

I get jealous, I get mad, I get worried.

I get curious…,

But that’s only because,

I don’t wanna loose you.


Share this with your____whom you can relate in this poem.

Also do write in the comments below what you think about this poem so that I can write something more interesting for u all.

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