You have it all

You have it all

Everybody has the desire to do something. But they don’t really know how to complete the process of dedicating themselves and having the discipline to do it. If you got a desire, you gotta match. Match the desire with your dedication, and you gotta match it with your discipline. It may not happen at the moment that you wanted to, but you gotta understand the process. Everybody wants it yesterday.

What happens is, a lot of people set goals and they have this big goal and they look at it like this giant staircase. “That just seems impossible” It looks too much work and because of this they don’t ever start. They set a goal, yeah, they wish to be on top of that staircase but they are too afraid to take that first step and it’s always easy to say or mock anyone who dares to take that first step. You just need to focus, take that first step and after reaching there just look at another, well that’s how it works.

You will have to understand my friend that it’s not gonna be easy, people think that there are no challenges, again they want it yesterday rather than taking that first step.

You need to be just more consistent than everybody else around you and you will win every race that you run. Somewhere deep inside you know what kind of person you were designed to be. If you want to produce an acorn think like a tree not like an acorn.

Think like the person that you intend to become. Every tree has a seed in it and the potential success of that tree is in that seed. That’s the way you are, whatever you were born to do and be, is in you and the success of your life depends on becoming all that is trapped inside of you. Everyone has a seed inside them just like a tree and it’s our responsibility is to find that out. You are not born just to make a living and keep a job, and pay bills and then die. You are not born just to retire and to get some pension, and then fade away and then they put you in the grave somewhere. You and I were born with a gift to make this a better place.

If you are creative enough can you find the answer, yes or no? If you are passionate loving enough, can you get someone to help you, yes or no? Don’t wait for the resources to come near you giving an excuse that you don’t have that in you but he has so he got it. The main resources lies inside us and its our duty to find it out and when you engage these resources, you can get any other resources on earth.

The key to kingdom success on Earth, is initiating and planning the change, Time will move with or without you. You need to have a plan which will always remind you what you need to do and that you are made to achieve success. A plan doesn’t only tell you what to do. A plan tells you what you don’t want to do. So make a clear plan, implement it and get the kingdom of your dreams.

Think Big

Think Creative

Think Fearlessly


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