If you die today, how would you be remembered ?

If you die today, how would you be remembered ?

First of all I would like to thank all of my followers and each and every reader of my blog. You all are the reason behind my motivation, I feel like I should write something new and interesting every time I blog. If you all go through my blogs you might know that I usually talk about being self motivated and make everything out of anything you have.

Today I was thinking and something came upon my mind. I would like to discuss it with you all.

What would happen if you die today ?

Will anyone remember you ?

Have you done something so great that everyone  says “YES, HE WAS ONE OF HIS KIND.”

People often think of doing various kind of things. Sometimes they want to be famous, sometimes so rich that they can buy anything and what not. But do they put their complete effort to achieve all this ??

No, They don’t because they are somewhere deep stuck in their past and future. Many of us keep recalling our past thinking I did this particular this so wrong, will I be able to do it better ? Will I achieve what I had lost back then ?

While others think of their future. I mean like seriously are you all kidding me ? Those days that have not even arrived so why to waste your time in those silly things ? I believe you all have heard the story of a girl who was a milkmaid. If not then read it below.

Let us enjoy reading this story of The Milk-Maid’s Dream.
Radha was a milkmaid. She was carrying a pot of milk.
She had to deliver milk to her customers in a nearby village. As she was walking she kept on dreaming. She said to herself, “With the money I get from selling this milk, I will buy some eggs. The eggs will hatch into fine chicken. The chicken will grow into hens. I will sell the hens and get lot of money. With that money I will buy nice silk saree. I will look beautiful. When people ask for the secret of my wealth, I will toss my head and say, “No.”

When she dreams of saying ‘No’ She actually tossed her head and down fell the pot of milk and all the milk ran out on the ground.

So friends this is what happens when we keep on thinking about your future and past but the real hidden mystery lies in your present.

You need to understand that you are living your present not your past because it’s gone and there’s no reason to regret it, nor you need to think about your future because it hasn’t yet arrived and there’s no reason to take a burden of tension thinking about it. So just leave your present to the fullest and think this day as your last day among us and do whatever you want to do.  Try to make your present better and see what comes after that, If you want success and if you continuously work hard for it with your full dedication and complete control over your mind then believe me guys there is no one in this world that can stop you from achieving what you were made for, except a GIRL….Duh !! I can’t tell anything about your heart…haha

Whenever I wake up in the morning I ask myself that what am I going to do today so that everyone remembers me for it and the answer which comes up is that I should just listen to my heart and do what my brain says so that no one gets disappointed. I hope you know what I am trying to say and what I mean by that statement if yes then congrats you will do something great, I know. You were made to do something great, something so extraordinary that you yourself feel proud. I know you can do it and even you know that you can achieve what you have in your mind.

Someone told me that if you wanna be famous, if you want to remain in the hearts of people even after you die, Do either of the two things:- “Die after writing 100 books” or else “ Do something so great that people write a 100 books on you”

You will be remembered in both the ways. Just focus on your present and do what you like and what you believe, so that you won’t regret or feel sad if you ever listen that you are going to die today because you have already done so much more than everyone else, plus booked yourself a business class ticket to Heaven. ALL THE BEST !



18 thoughts on “If you die today, how would you be remembered ?

  1. I find this article so inspiring and also beautifully written! And the topic touched my heart…it’s a question I keep asking myself lately so I want to thank you for the wisdom and sensibility of your inner voice! And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!
    Best regards and many blessings upon you!

    Liked by 1 person

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