Time: something which can be challenged ?

Time: something which can be challenged ?

We all grow up listening that if you don’t follow time then it will leave you behind. Time waits for no man and what not. We are also told that time is really valuable and precious and after listening at all this we start to think time as a monster. If you wont listen what it says or if we don’t follow it’s orders we will will be left behind. But is time really that bad ?

I believe that time does not decide what a man needs to become or what will he become. The thing that decides all these is how much hard-work is he paying off ?

People often go around telling others that I lost it because it was not my time, but did you ever thought of making it your time ?

I hate those people who say I have less time to complete this, I simply can’t do it. Well my friend if you can’t do this then you are not capable of doing anything and if you do this then you will see what comes after working so hard.

You need to be more consistent towards your goal which you want to achieve and work your ass off day and night to achieve it, beat the time, let it pass don’t pay any attention towards it, just keep going, make a proper plan, think a proper way to execute it and then initiate it and see your goal coming to life. Time is not the thing which you need to be concerned about each and every time  you do stuffs but yes it necessary to keep a track of it. People grow, people live and people die that’s what most of the people do but the successful one’s achieve what they were made for between all this. How ? You wanna know how ?

Businessmen and Clock

ahhh….. I too don’t know the answer or else I had also become one myself, haha.

You also need to think differently because that is what sets you out and yes Keep a track of time !

Don’t feel defeated because of time, it has always been there for you. You just need  to see things differently.


4 thoughts on “Time: something which can be challenged ?

  1. Rightly told …. therefore one should not waste a second and should do things correctly on time else it can be too late..
    A true motivation ..keep going 🙂

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